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Our Programmes

Abacus and Brain Development Programme

Abacus is an old Chinese instrument used to solve mathematical problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, square roots, percentage, algebra, BODMAS sums and fractions.
The program can be learned once a child has a basic understanding of addition and subtraction usually from 4yrs to 14yrs. By using both hands, the child utilizes full brain potential for a holistic brain development while working on mathematical exercises. This improves the child’s mental mathematics skills, focus, memory power and energizes the brain.

Hand Writing Cursive Caligraphy

Cursive Handwriting programme aims to improve the neatness and speed of the childs writing. The 15 to 18 hour programme builds up the foundation by first correcting the basic of letter formation and then allows the child create their own handwriting style. The programme is customised to the child and moves at the childs pace.

DMIT Programme

Uncover your innate talents through a scan of your fingerprints. The test is based on 5 different science fields: Psychology, Embryology, Neuroscience, Dermatoglyphics and Genetics. In order to help guide your personal and professional life.

Word Problem Programme

Learning is only useful if it can be applied in the real world. Word Problems help bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world applications. Our word problem programme will help your child gain mastery over mathematical concepts as well as their application.

Roots goes Online!

Online Lessons - Worldwide

We are pleased to announce that our Abacus and Handwriting courses are available online. Join us for a quality learning experience no matter where you are! Contact us for more information.  

Physical Lessons

Prefer an in-person experience? We have physical lessons available across our 11 centres in Singapore. Click here to find your closest centre!


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Our Approach

Research Based Methods

Our director has personally crafted the syllabus for the courses after years of experience in the teaching industry. Where most abacus courses stop at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our director has extended the use of abacus to various other mathematical concepts through painstaking effort and dedication. Such creativity is sprinkled into all our programs, and it will be greatly beneficial for your child.

Personal Attention

Every child is unique. And so every child deserves a unique approach to teaching. At Roots we ensure that our teachers take the time to connect with and understand each and every single child. This allows us to provide a personal touch to the child’s learning, teaching him/her at their own pace and through methods to which they respond best.

Experienced Instructors

Unlike just another math enrichment program or abacus center in Singapore, we take training our teachers very seriously. Every teacher who joins us undergoes a rigorous and structured training program. While it takes 150 hours for our students to graduate, it takes our teachers 300 hours before they are considered graduate teachers.  Hence at Roots, we pride our teachers as mentors; not simply graders or test markers.

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