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Quick and out of the box thinking!!

I can be certain to say that through this class (that comes with ‘fun times’ where Q&A &/or other short activities like speed writing etc are carried out in any form that sets the kids thinking … fast, to be exact 😬😬). I do see an overall improvement in his thinking and behavior in the sense that he is more open to thinking out of the box when faced with a question or an issue that he needs to deal with… I also notice that he’s able to read ‘between the lines’ rather than just understanding things at face values. He wasn’t like this before as he’s quite reserved by nature.

I’m sure the abacus class has also made him more interested in maths subject as he gets excited when he finds areas where he can put his knowledge into use, eg. Factors, multiplication etc. Overall, I do find it useful for him. Thank you, Roots Abacus! 😊