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Prakhar Bansal

Mrs Roopali Bansal

Mrs Roopali developed the structure using cumulative knowledge, working experience and understanding of child psychology to create a program to support child development requirements.
Mrs Roopali is qualified as Bachelor in Computer Science and Mathematics and avid lover of Mathematics.
Her passion is to develop programs in Mathematics which complement parents and schools efforts in bringing the best in a child. Her understanding of child psychology helped in including interesting features in the program to motivate every child to participate and remain active.

Mrs Mini Jain

Mrs Mini Jain is a seasoned , well experienced educator for whom grooming kids is a biggest passion. 

She has spend 8+ years in teaching kids in the age group of 18 months to 7 years in India and Singapore .She has a special love for mathematics and ABACUS and with her extensive experience she has been able to train kids very successfully.

Mini has an excellent quality of being very friendly with kids , she believes in philosophy of learning with fun . She believes if we make kids enjoy in what they are doing , then only they can excel. Always encourage her students with brilliant smile and on the other hand very careful about quality and accuracy .

Prakhar Bansal

Mrs Raveena Jain

Mrs Raveena Jain, holds a Masters and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. She also holds a degree in Mass Communication.

Through her wide array of educational experience, she highly endorses the value of an analytical mindset and believes in nurturing young brains. She has developed an avid interest in Abacus in the last few years and has a passion for teaching.

She is very dedicated in teaching and has 5 + years’ experience in teaching Abacus and Mathematics. She is also experienced in Business operations and has a Certificate in Business Vantage.

Prakhar Bansal

Mrs Lara Fanglan

Ms Lara Fanglan holds Bachelor’s degree in Education.

She also has 11 years of experience teaching mandarin to students of age group of 7-12 in Singapore. Apart from teaching Mandarin she has the interest of teaching abacus.

She believes Abacus arithmetic has a significant effect on the cultivation of students’ comprehensive qualities such as will visualization power,retention power and concentration.


Ms Priyakankshi Bansal

Ms Priyakankshi Bansal, a student who has just started her undergraduate degree at NTU is our youngest teachers, having learnt Abacus as a child. She did her 12th Grade IB programme from SJI. She truly understands benefits of Abacus in her school and personal life.

She has been a tutor for 4 years and has a passion for teaching kids . Apart from Abacus she also teaches Cursive & Calligraphy. She believes these skills help students develop character, confidence and improve focus. Her recent journey from early schooling to college provides invaluable knowledge and skills to help students learn innovative skills and new concepts in relatively simple and easier manner. Her patience and ability to connect with students of all ages leaves wonderful and lasting experience.

Prakhar Bansal

Mrs Prachi Singh

Mrs Prachi Singh has a Bachelors in Electronics & communication and has about 4 yrs experience in teaching field. She has worked 1yr in engineering college as assistant professor and 3yrs in international school as maths and science teacher.

She has good communication skills and good classroom management.
She is patient punctual and very friendly to children. She has done 1yr abacus training with us now and is working with us as an Abaucs instructor.

Prakhar Bansal

Mrs Vidya Daund

Mrs. Vidya Daund has done Masters in Engineering and has 12 years of teaching experience to all age group of students. She recently completed Certificate in Teaching and Learning from Cambridge university as her passion for continuous learning.

Mathematics has been Vidya’s favourite subject from childhood which attracted her to the Abacus. She believes that teaching is one of the best forms of learning and personality development. Apart from taking care of her two kids, Vidya likes Cooking and Travelling.

Prakhar Bansal

Mrs Mayuri Parekh

Mrs Mayuri is a passionate teacher with 7 years of experience of teaching Mathematics, Mother tongue and Arts . She is very kind and friendly with the students. She takes a personal interest in ensuring the child’s success in learning. Her warmth help in connecting with students which in turn brings a good result in the class.

Prakhar Bansal

Mrs Dhanashri Kushte

Mrs Dhanashri is an experienced teacher who has completed undergraduate as well as post graduate studies in Mathematics & Education.

She has over a decade of experience in the education industry. Mrs Dhanashri has taught extensively in the sciences and the arts but her true passion lies in Mathematics. She strives to instill this same passion in every child she has the opportunity to work with.

Prakhar Bansal

Mrs Pooja Somani

Mrs Pooja Somani is qualified as Bachelor in Commerce and Masters in Marketing and Digital Marketing. She pursued her studies in digital marketing as she was passionate about innovative creation and content in digital platform.
She is working with Roots Abacus for 3+ years as a digital marketing executive and office administrator.
She has very good communication and computer skills. She communicates and manages calls/emails for Roots Abacus. She also develops and creates content and marketing videos..