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Helped my child Tremendously!

Dear Ms Roopali,

Thank you for introducing abacus to my child. His math calculation has become tremendously faster. He is definitely more confident. I have personally seen you with kids & your patience & love with them says all. No Wonder kids love you so much. Thank You. “

Dimple Pathak

So much of Improvement in his Maths

Dear Roopali Mam,
It’s been only 1 year since Gaurav has been learning Abacus with you . Its been wonderful to see so much of improvement in his Maths. He is always excited to complete his Abacus homework first and to attend the classes on time no matter what. Thanks to you and your efforts of keeping him involved and helping him learn the art of fast and correct calculations.

Tejaswini Kamath

Dear Roopali Mam,
Tanya is your student for 2.5 years and she absolutely loves your class. Her Maths skills has got rock solid after joining your classes. Last year she got 22nd rank worldwide in the IMO (International Maths Olympiad) – a big big credit goes to you.

Rashmi Agrawal

Dear Ms Roopali,

Thank you for teaching abacus in such an interesting way to the children. Shaon has gained much interest towards Mathematics and he has scored quite well in the last term at his school. He has also become fond of riddles which you conduct at the end of every session. Thank you and wish you the very best.

Alipa Basu

Beautiful teaching technique

I love to share my experience. I was a wonderful journey. Teacher nurtured my child very beautifully . I can see him doing so well in all his work so focused really glad I choose Roots Abacus


Dear Ms Roopali,

He enjoys attending the abacus classes. I have seen substantial improvement in his maths skills, calculating ability and speed in solving maths questions


Improved concentration

The course was very useful Gayathri has improved her concentration skills as well as accuracy in calculation

Gayathri’s father

Increased focus!

I find the course very useful to build the focus/ concentration skills. It has also contributed in fast calculation Ayush has improved upon all these I wish to continue the course


She is thoroughly enjoying the class and holds very high regards for the teachers. It\’s currently too early to notice major changes but overall we are very happy with the classes

Ashwika Arora

He enjoys doing calculations using the abacus and visually, he feels like he’s having fun

Tamishg Dahiye

Improved calculations

She likes doing abacus and she gets better and better in calculating


Always learning something new!


A smooth journey

Tanu Arora

Improves confidence!

“Thanks to you, Math is my favorite subject!”

Saikrit’s Father

Fun and learning

Neha (Nushi Mother)

Quick and out of the box thinking!!

I can be certain to say that through this class (that comes with ‘fun times’ where Q&A &/or other short activities like speed writing etc are carried out in any form that sets the kids thinking … fast, to be exact 😬😬). I do see an overall improvement in his thinking and behavior in the sense that he is more open to thinking out of the box when faced with a question or an issue that he needs to deal with… I also notice that he’s able to read ‘between the lines’ rather than just understanding things at face values. He wasn’t like this before as he’s quite reserved by nature.

I’m sure the abacus class has also made him more interested in maths subject as he gets excited when he finds areas where he can put his knowledge into use, eg. Factors, multiplication etc. Overall, I do find it useful for him. Thank you, Roots Abacus! 😊

Monica (mother of Clovis)

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