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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test


This is a test that will use the patterns of your fingerprints to identify your personality, your innate talents, and intelligence. Based on 5 different fields in science: Psychology, embryology, neuroscience, dermatoglyphics, and genetics, this test provides a highly reliable report. Medical experts state that fingerprints are formed in the 13th week of gestation and that the fingerprints pattern can each be used to analyse the lobes of the brain.

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Multiple Intelligence Theory

The test also uses the Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner (A developmental psychologist and a professor at Harvard University), which states that each person has 9 different types of intelligence.

The aim of this test is to maximise the happiness of people as they study or work. The test helps to identify the learning styles, management style, and the core type of intelligence a person possesses. This helps the person to identify the most efficient learning method, the most efficient working style and also helps them to understand learn the best career areas that would suit the person. A person will then be able to tailor their education, be it academic or non-academic to improve themselves to the best of their abilities. It also ensures that their close ones (like parents, spouse, partner etc) can completely understand the person. This will help to ensure maximum happiness in relationships and will help resolve fights.

5 Tests with a broad scope

There are 5 different tests to choose from, depending on the age and the intention of conducting the tests.


Ages: 3-10

  • Identify your Children innate abilities and talents
  • Understand your child’s best learning style
  • Customize the learning programs based on Child learning style
  • Improve the relationship between children and parents
  • Understand the right parenting techniques and teaching style
  • Select their activities based upon their Core Intelligence and innate abilities


Ages: 11 -17

  • Understand your intrinsic potential
  • Distribution of your 9 Multiple Intelligence
  • Know Personal Quotients: IQ, EQ, Creative Quotient, Artistic Quotient and Spiritual Quotient
  • Identify your supplementary activities
  • Career guidance based upon your core Intelligences
  • Analysis of Strength and Weaknesses based on your brain lobes usages
  • Suggestions on how to improve on your weaknesses
  • Know your preferred best Learning Style: Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic

Career Guidance

Ages: 16 and above

  • Identify your core multiple intelligence
  • Understand your natural talents and character traits
  • Identify the most suitable Career field and leadership styles.
  • Know your EQ, IQ, Creative Quotient, Artistic Quotient, Spiritual Quotient
  • Know your Work Management Style
  • Know which careers your Personality Type is suitable for


Ages: 25 and above

  • Understand your Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Understand all your natural character traits.
  • Identify and improve your core competencies.
  • Assess your IQ, EQ, Spiritual Quotient, Artistic Quotient, and Creative Quotient.
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Your learning and management styles.
  • Identify best Personal development programs.
  • Fully understand your partners’ Values & Characteristics.

For Corporate Employees

  • Pre employment screening
  • Screen current employees.
  • Core competency, leadership style, Personal Quotients
  • HR training & development based on Employee Abilities
  • Reduce operating cost & maximise corporate value.
  • Maximise efficiency & effectiveness

DMI Test Fees

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SGD 180 per test

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