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"The Importance of Good Handwriting"

Bad handwriting often disturbs the educational and learning progress of students, and can result in disappointment and failure. It often leads teachers to misinterpret what is written and prompts them to award low marks in examinations. While good handwriting is appreciated, an illegible handwriting often leaves one embarrassed.

For some people, good penmanship comes naturally. For others, it’s a struggle just to make it legible. If you fall into the latter category, there are ways you can go about to improve your handwriting.

Our Technique

Here at Roots, we teach and concentrate on the right way of writing by training them with our scientifically developed techniques. The course designed at Roots has successfully broken the myth that handwriting can be improved only in children, and now through this course, we can correct the handwriting at any age, with 100% guarantee of improvement in legibility.

Cursive work done by our students

  • Clarity and consistency constitute good Handwriting
  • Formation of strokes and alphabets (Lower and Upper case)
  •  Ratio of Ascenders & Descenders
  • Base line should be perfect for each letter
  • When to use connecters & when not to
  • What should be the Angle of the alphabets

Calligraphy Course

Work done by our students

Calligraphy allows the writer to change written words into an artistic piece. With many uses such as writing on invitations and greeting cards, on school projects and in an endless number of artistic creations, calligraphy is a life long skill and a way for you to enhance the beauty of all your written work.


  • Manually create 3 different font designs for all the letters
  • Give a boost to normal Handwriting
  • Improve attention to details
  • 10 – 15 hours
  • For Fees details kindly Contact Us (Lowest Fees in Singapore)


Find out what others have to say about our Abacus Course.

Sheetal Jain

Akshaya was really struggling with her handwriting, and so we enrolled her for the classes. The difference in her handwriting in just a few short weeks was night and day. Would highly recommend the program to other parents. 

Jackson Tay

We were shocked to see how much Jordan’s handwriting has improved in a matter of months. Kudos to all the teachers who have mentored my son.

Pratik Verma

A big thanks to Roopali ma’am and the Roots team. Not only did Pranav’s handwriting improve, he also started to enjoy his school work a lot more. Now he finds writing fun!

Arnav Kumar

I am Priyanka’s father. We enrolled her for the Calligraphy course, to let her try something new. She enjoyed the sessions very much!

John Adams

Initially I tried helping my son with his handwriting to no avail. The structured and well designed program at Roots has benefitted my son immensely. Thank you Roots for all the guidance you gave to my child.

Binita Rout

Before we put Rupesh in Roots.Sg handwriting course, never did we imagine that online classes can be so effective and engaging. Thank you for providing an online learning experience as good as any physical class room.

Fee Structure

The same fees apply both for physical and online lessons.

Registration Fee ( Inclusive of Teaching kit, Bag, Abacus )$40
Refundable Deposit ( One Time )$0
3 Month Fee (10 Lessons)   (Includes books & certification )$250
Monthly  Fee (4 Lessons)    (Includes books & certification )$120
Additional Late Fee   ( After 7th of every month )$10

Payment Details

Bank Transfer & Cheque

Bank Transfer: Account Number: DBS 0279068973

Cheque: Payable to Roots.Sg Pte Ltd

UEN No: 201607590G000


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